Winter and Videogames.

I enjoy videogames, of coarse in the summer I play a lot less. I like to go to the lake, out on the boat, etc and sitting inside when its beautiful out is a hard pill to swallow. Winter, I do not enjoy so much but it staying inside where its warm is one hell of a reason to play some games and sitting there in from of my woodstove while I do it is pretty close to…

Stranger Things

It’s been a while since i have wanted to spread the word about a TV show as much as i do with this one, in fact due to my exceptional busyness these days i have been meaning to write this post for a while now. By now you have probably heard of this show as well since I’m not the only one who love’s this show. Everyone was talking about it and i was aware of it but…

Fahkin Snow!

Just testing out my new goPRO here session 5 that my wife got me for Christmas ;). While i really like my ion air pro 3 and always thought the bullet design was better, the goPRO is just industry standard, you really can’t beat the quality and the session is nice and small so the box design doesn’t bother me as much. I love the integration with the iPhone so i can see whats happening in real time….

Christmas Movies 2016

Last Update (12/25/2016) In a similar fashion to what i do around Halloween, and like most people. I like to watch Christmas movies during the month of December, as well was Christmas episodes of my favorite shows. May’be next year ill focus on tv and write about it. I started early this year and so far have watched the following movies. Scrooged A¬†Christmas Carol (disney) A Christmas Carol Jingle all the way Christmas Vacation The Night Before (a…

Wedding Photos: Part 2

These are the photos that were taken by our photographer, these are pretty much all of the photos, give or take a few. There weren’t many though, so here you please enjoy! Wedding Prep Wedding Ceremony Wedding Reception

Movies & Memories

You never know whats going to trigger a memory. I decided to put this movie on the other night before bed. As i was scrolling through netflix and saw it, decided to watch it, clicked on it and clicked play at no point was i think of my Dad. However the second the movie opened with the scene of Sean Connery looking around the cold winter Russian landscape from a submarine (red october) that is getting ready to…

Insidious 2

There can be good sequels, it’s not very often but it does happen and in this case, it happened. Whats good about this sequel is that it picks up exactly where the other movie leaves off. While the other movie i would consider a horror movie, this one is almost more of a thriller, to me, at least. It’s still about a ghost/demon/haunting/possession but there is just more….mystery surrounding whats going on this time. Having said that, its not much different of a movie compared to the first one and for me, that is not a bad thing, for some, it could be. If your not really into these kinds of movies then your obviously going to hate a series of them. If you do like them, as i do, then its a great series of really good scary movies! I would give it a 4/5 and rank it high on re-watch-ability.


I slacked big time this year on the Halloween movie review, i did actually watch more movies but i had not posted them. So after the movie V/H/S i watched (not for the first time) Insidious. I really like this movie, its not a new idea, its the house/family is possessed movie (ghost/specter/demon). Its very much like paranormal activity except it isn’t a found footage movie. Its very creepy, has some jump scares and a good plot with…