Fixing Deck Boards (Porch)

I decided to start my own DIY (do-it-yourself) category for blogs posts. As a new home owner i am doing lots of things for the first time and i have to ask or google to figure out how to do somethings. When i cant find what i need on google i ask someone i know who im sure will know. Then i want to post what i do here so other people can find it. These days its really rare for anything to NOT be on google but sometimes its all about the proper search terms and then of coarse page rank, the website that may have my answer may not be very popular and might not pay google to show their website first (yes this is how it works if you didn’t know, money over everything right?)

The most recent issue that arose is my deck boards were starting to come up, at least some of them and mostly just at the ends (I now know this called “twisting”). The only thing i did recently was power wash and stain the deck but that was a few weeks before this started happening so why would it affect it now, or why at all for that matter? Your suppose to stain the deck but its all i could think of. I could not find the answer on google and it might have been because i didint know what was going on so i wasn’t searching the proper terms. I finally had to ask a carpenter friend of mine and even he was not sure what i meant so i had to send him pictures and only then did he get what i meant.



He told me that this is fact was very common and told me how to fix it……. Simply remove the existing screws and replace with 3 inch deck screws and put them in the existing holes but put them in at an angle.

First thing i had to do was go to homedepot and get the screws. I went with deckmate 3 inch as suggested.


They were nice heavy duty screws but i noticed the were a hex head. I know i have a hex bit somewhere but not sure where right now, luckily they provide the bit in the box, pretty cool.



So i went ahead and drilled them in as per the instructions. I was unable to remove my old screws and use the existing hole’s, the screws just spun and didnt move. I decided to just leave them for now.


Then i noticed a few more boards doing the same thing and fixed those too. I hope that helps someone!


Summer Juice

I decided to make my own summertime drink. Of coarse mason jars are “all the rage” right now so i went with some of those. At first i wanted maybe (4) mason jars. The particular store i was at only sold them as full kits (12) for making jam. So i decided to get the smaller jars and get a full set. I had a general idea of what i wanted to make which was a fruity drink with a lemonade base. I went to the fruit section and got some strawberries and raspberries, in hindsight i would like to add blueberries for color. I then headed over to the juice section and got a gallon of simply lemonade (raspberry flavor). Lastly was the booze store where i went with watermelon vodka.

Simply titled “The Juice” here you have it. I have still not tasted it yet, as of this posting, because im allowing/waiting for the juices to blend naturally. Help yourself to this recipe and remember to add blueberries!


Yard Cleanup

I have some old boats in my yard, technically in my woods. However they are visible and somewhat of an eye sore so i started the process of removing them today, step one is getting them down off this hill. Decided it would be smart to start with the smaller boat for obvious reasons. So me and my friend Mike tied it to my truck with chains and it came down awfully easy ;). The next step if having them hauled off and i think that is all set, i will post more details as the project moves along.

Cold Water Challenge

First some info

“I think it was just somebody started it and it went viral and got to us here,” Morrison said. “You call out your friends. You start by making a video and naming a charity of your choice, and you’re pledging to donate $10 to that charity. Then, you get a bucket of cold water poured over your head while the video is still running, and after you upload that you tag your Facebook friends to challenge them. When a friend accepts the challenge, they have 24 hours to make their video. If they do it, they get to donate $10 to a charity of their choice, but if they don’t, they have to pay your charity $100.”


Morrison explained that it’s all in good fun, and that no one actually shows up at anyone’s door for not accepting the challenge — or for not paying the $100. It’s all on the honor system and no one is judging anyone else

I chose to donate to pancan.org, for pancreatic cancer, in memory of my dad. My friend from work Brian, challenged me and even was going to let me get off without doing it but it was for a good cause, i wanted to do it. Even though i "got lucky" and only half the water got me it was still fun and its for a good cause! I challenged 5 of my friends.... Tom, Matt, Nick, Mike & Eric. We will see how many do it ;). IMG_5489 donation