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Cool Details

Sometimes in my line of work you get to work cool details. In November the Budweiser Clydesdale’s came to my town to deliver beer to the local bars downtown and the waterfront. It was very cool, they were pulling a very nice carriage with the beer and people were watching, almost seemed more like a…

End in sight

I can finally see there is an end in sight with my clinicals. I must admit im not as far along as I would like but at least the percentage is 70% rather then 40%. This I can live with. I am going to have to step it up or keep it up at least…

Pig Trachea & Lung Lab

I am a bit behind on posts/updates, im sorry, and this one won’t be very long. Similar to the pig heart lab we had a while we did a pig trachea and lung lab. We got to intubate,¬†needle cricothyrotomy and needle decompression practice. Very cool stuff. See the images below.

Dissecting Hearts.

Just a few Saturdays ago we got to dissect hearts in class. Its was actually really fun. The main goal here was to just see how the heart works. We read about it, we see pictures and we know better then the average human just how the heart works but now we can actually see…


Yesterday was Valentines Day and me and my girlfriend went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant, dinner was good and the wine was flowing. Among the topics we discussed she mentioned how at her work (she works at a daycare) they dislike the new CPR system. Their CPR instructor apparently doesn’t like it…

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