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Winter and Videogames.

I enjoy videogames, of coarse in the summer I play a lot less. I like to go to the lake, out on the boat, etc and sitting inside when its beautiful out is a hard pill to swallow. Winter, I do not enjoy so much but it staying inside where its warm is one hell…

Wedding Photos: Part 2

These are the photos that were taken by our photographer, these are pretty much all of the photos, give or take a few. There weren’t many though, so here you please enjoy! Wedding Prep Wedding Ceremony Wedding Reception

Movies & Memories

You never know whats going to trigger a memory. I decided to put this movie on the other night before bed. As i was scrolling through netflix and saw it, decided to watch it, clicked on it and clicked play at no point was i think of my Dad. However the second the movie opened…

New Car

Golddust is no more. The time of the silverfox begins! This is the newest/nicest car I've ever had. After 34 years it was time. A post shared by Steve (@sdinzz) on Oct 1, 2016 at 7:08am PDT

My baby is gone….

Even though i have had pets all my life, i consider Cloud my first baby. Before him, i had a dog, Sam, she was a pit-bull. I loved that dog for sure but i was younger and at an age where you don’t appreciate things as much as you should, and for reasons i don’t…

Our Honeymoon

For our honeymoon we did a cruise to Bermuda. We had a tight timeline, we either go directly after the wedding or end up waiting a few months. We wanted to go right after the wedding. Therefore we had to cruise out of New York as there was nothing out of Boston this weekend. Not…

Wedding Photos & Videos: Part 1

All the photos i have compiled from myself, my new wife :), friends & family. We will not have the professional photographers photos or another few weeks but we will still have superb pictures by us amateur’s! Plus my friend Greg used our video camera to tape the wedding which i have edited and you…

Lake Days

Another day spent on the lake, This is what summer is all about for me. The more time spent on the lake the better.