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Wedding Photos: Part 2

These are the photos that were taken by our photographer, these are pretty much all of the photos, give or take a few. There weren’t many though, so here you please enjoy! Wedding Prep Wedding Ceremony Wedding Reception

My baby is gone….

Even though i have had pets all my life, i consider Cloud my first baby. Before him, i had a dog, Sam, she was a pit-bull. I loved that dog for sure but i was younger and at an age where you don’t appreciate things as much as you should, and for reasons i don’t…

Wedding Photos & Videos: Part 1

All the photos i have compiled from myself, my new wife :), friends & family. We will not have the professional photographers photos or another few weeks but we will still have superb pictures by us amateur’s! Plus my friend Greg used our video camera to tape the wedding which i have edited and you…

Lake Day

We finally got out on the boat this season and we were joined by our friends and their daughter. It was a good day, i used the action cam but due to the way it was mounted it shot video in portrait mode, im not happy about it but i made due. We did some…

Resided House (Front)

So my house was built in the 80’s so its not a super old house however, there was this material they were using back then that is basically cardboard, particleboard something of the like. It was cheap and easy to install. Problem is, it retained water, and didn’t last long. The front of my house…

Kitchen Remodel: Part 1

I say part one but i technically did the backsplash¬†first, but at the time i never intended to keep going, that was silly of me! We have been watching a lot of fixer upper lately and at the same time have been feeling like our house is very dark, we wanted to brighten it up…

Installed New Boat Seats!

So one of the last things i had to do before the boat hits the water was install these new bucket seats. Thanks to help of a friend, 5 trips to the hardware store and 8 hours. Here they are!