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What I’m Playing – Episode 8

Batman: The Telltale Series is an episodic graphical adventure game based on the Batman comic series and not any previous adaptation. It is the second Telltale adaptation of a DC Comics franchise, following The Wolf Among Us and it uses a similar cel shaded visual style. The game mixes moments controlling business man Bruce Wayne…

What I’m Playing: Episode 7

Life Is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure series. The player controls Max (Maxine Caulfield), who returns to her hometown Arcadia Bay after being away for five years. Upon returning back, she learns that the father of her best friend Chloe Price died in the year she left. Chloe then became friends with Rachel Amber…

Lake Day

We finally got out on the boat this season and we were joined by our friends and their daughter. It was a good day, i used the action cam but due to the way it was mounted it shot video in portrait mode, im not happy about it but i made due. We did some…

Where I Live – Winter 2016

I wanted to test out my new action camera that i bought for the boat this summer (waterskiing, tubing, wakeboading, etc) so i mounted it on the dashboard of y truck on a wintry day and went for a ride around my house. First to the lake where i use my boat and then to…

Leaking pipe behind wall

This time around i have water in my basement from a small leak. Problem is this leak is happening being the wall in the master bathroom. I have to cut into the wall (never done that before!) and replace everything with PEX.

Enginebox Backrest (Boat)

I need to replace the wood in my boats enginebox backrest. I have done simple small seats before so i have a general idea plus Ive watched other YouTube videos. That being said, i just wing it, come watch it unfold.

What I’m Playing: Episode 5

Mad Max is a third-person action and vehicular combat game set in an open world environment. It is based on the Mad Max movie series and was released following the 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road. It uses many elements from the films, but has its own storyline not based on the movies. The game…

What I’m Playing: Episode 4

Jackie Estacado returns in the sequel to The Darkness. Jackie has been able to shut away the Darkness for two years, but a sudden attack of a rival gang makes him release the dark powers in order to survive. Jackie will set on a mission to uncover the mystery of the force behind the attackers….