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Annual Halloween Movie Review!

Well its October 1st. Which means one of my favorite holidays is almost upon us, Halloween. I try to watch at least (1) horror/scary movie every night of October, then i like to come here and share my thoughts on said movie you with, the reader (if there are any). Its actually not just movies,…

Halloween 2010

My mom and aunt were outside passing out candy, or at least trying to. I decided to surprise them with my video camera! Update: Ahhh the good ol’ days. My mom and aunt do not live together anymore and my mom lives in a primarily adult neighborhood, hopefully the days of my mom giving out…

Love Halloween Movies

I think Halloween is my most favorite holiday, it just edges out Christmas. I like to try to watch a horror movie per night during the month of October, its just a think i do, im sure we all do this to some degree, Christmas movies at Christmas time etc etc. So for the remainder…

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